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33, female, Single

Kerr, United States

Am miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationshipAm miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationshipAm miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationshipAm miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationshipAm miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationshipAm miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationshipAm miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationshipAm miss Amanda am here to search for my soul mate for serious relationship

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27, female, Single

Jessie, United States

Hello,Nice To Meet You,how are you over there in your country, i hope all is well i thank God, my name is hellen i like every humanbin whirte or black dose not mather worth mathers is you have to be truth full for you r friends , i like traveling i meet people i chart with every body becouse i am a traveler i like every living tins. am a sports lover , As I whisper my prayer today and wen t into search for a nice dating site to chart with friends I came across Dating and i like it, My mind and mind my heart told me to regester and to contact for friendship, A friends who truly understand his or her friends, with truth i like to warch tv reading magazin

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67, male, Widowed

Carol City, United States

I'm a single man, in search for true love with the right woman for the rest of my life. sometimes the internet is not the best place to seek love or true friendship, but for now i will be very happy to say it is the best place,because it has made me found you and am so happy that you are my friend,

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55, male, Single

Mount Druitt, Australia

I'm a person who sometimes forgets he's not a child anymore. Even though I am older now, I still remember my childhood ways. The way I thought, felt, played, loved. When I felt sad, I wouldn't cry and I would fight it....I am glad there are ways to let our feelings out without hurting anyone,helping express and release ourselves from whatever is bothering. It's hard to remember how to do that, but when I think as a child would, the solutions come naturally as part of the senses that are rediscovered when we search and find them. I am who I am, and I'm glad to be me....People say that I'm calm and intelligent, but I think that I'm very emotional person. A lot of my time I spend with children. I like their spontaneous behavior. They give me their energy and love. I love to laugh and make people smile.

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43, male, Single

Winters, United States

I'm John Rich ,, single never married of course.Am a Man with a joyful character, independent, optimistic, respects. i am the only child of my parents ,and lived with my dad until he died last year..I have never had chance to be with my mom,because she left my dad since i was 2 yrs old... !.I do buy and sell art work for a living....i was introduced into the business by my dad and i have been going and coming for 2 years to buy Art works.,Well right now am on a short business trip to some place in western Africa...I came to buy some of my artworks and crafts that i sell few days ago...I will be back too state in next 2weeks.!....Deal with artworks stuffs ..It often involves traveling in order to get the Arts.I went to think wemight have some things in common,...My last ex girl friend was a Drug addict and since i caught her,i have vowed not to be with her.Cos she has really hurt my feelings and heart cos i was really honest to her instead.....Now so much conscious looking for my Mrs right woman,someone to love and will love me back same way without any hindrance of any kind.I am looking for an intelligent and serious woman to connect my life with. she should be kind and attentive woman who knows that her man should be loved, cared and appreciated. I need that special woman who possesses strong moral principles and at the same time who knows how to enjoy life. So i will like to know more about u.I'm never married and have no kids but hope i do have a family someday!I'm half English cos dad is from US while mom is from Puetorico.. Do u live alone?Do u wanna meet in person when am back so we can get on together?Have u ever been out the county before?...Actually right now i amliving with my granny here in Lagos,Nigeria. I do like to know where u really live?...i do live alone in my late dad flat that i inherit in California, los angles,US,We need to get to know each other much better OK? i don't know if this dating stuff is any good but we can, only try it to find

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