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41, male, Single

Doutchi Koura, Qatar

Love nature, photography, adventures, also loves computer designs, loves making computer graphics arts and prototype designs, loves everything about computer technology. Also am a music lover, plays drums for the most and also knows some other musical instruments.And about my self, i am very caring, polite, kind, slow to anger, down to earth and a simple man, what really matters to me in my life is the woman that i love...

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65, male, Widowed

Red Canyon, United States

It really sounds so simple that one can say a lot about his/herself once given a chance but trust me it’s not. When the first time I tried to write down something about me , I was completely lost from where i should start till the finishing. I could manage to write just a few lines only, If you have already visited my profile, you must have read something about me. It took me a while to figure out what and how to write something about me. Well here is what I have come up with. It’s not complete of me but still I have tried to tell you about me as much I can in some lines and paragraphs. So what’s coming next is most of me….Mixed race, Portuguese-Swedish, and as a person I like to think of myself as confident, I’m a very humble man, I understand that there’s a time to give, love and understand, I also believe in standing up for what I believe and not being walked on! I’m always there for my friends and loved ones and don’t run from adversity, I care of what people think of me because I believe in being the best man I can be, I enjoy helping others, I would put everything I’m doing on hold if someone I know needed help with anything at all, I am incredibly honest and trustworthy, Finally, If I had to describe the individual I am today in simple words that outline the traits of my personality, honest, energetic and passionate and a message I would like to share with the world is, Enjoy the simple and beautiful things because life is too brief to have regrets later on...I would expect my match to have the same qualities, That is extremely important, I am a very hard working dedicated person and I live life to its fullest, I laugh often and am very optimistic, I think my smile is contagious :) I have realized that this big wide planet was created with an amazing diversity and various enchanting aspects to be explored and appreciated; staying enclosed in a single location and to a certain culture for one's lifetime forsakes the value of our world, I have promised myself

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31, female, Single

Milledgeville, United States

I am a down to earth lady that really just wants a simple life (without drama ) and someone with a great positive attitude to share it with. I am very patient, honest, loyal, friendly, hard working.. I love watching movies, singing and listening to music, and playing games and just hanging out with friends

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34, male, Single

Berchiddeddu, Italy

i want serius girl .. i want stay toghet semply man , and really suit

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42, female, Single

Seattle, United States

Life is good but life could be even better with the right person i might not be as beautiful as you wanted but i have a good character because inside beauty is far better than outside because what is inside of you matter and determine who you really are. I'm intelligent, hard working, emotionally available lead a casual lifestyle. I am honest, liberal and broadminded and am not afraid to speak my mind. I'm considered to be a good cook, I eat healthy and I know how to take care of myself. I try to be honest with myself and allow my emotions and sensitivities to come to the surface and connect with them. I should also add confident but you already know that by now . I am an easy going person . I am very family oriented , i love traveling and i love adventure .I am passionate about life and i take it each day as it comes . I don't take life too serious but i can be serious when time demands . I also love animals and what i enjoy the most is my morning walk . I like to stay fit , i love to cook and you should wait till you can taste before you judge he he he !!! Most people think i am witty and fun to be with, i hate liars and men who are stingy with everything they have, i am looking for a man who will take care of me as we share our love unlimited and unconditional . Do you think you are interested ? Why don't you leave a message ? I will always respond with a smile . Good luck everybody

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