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64, male, Divorced

Pella, United States

I am well educated, mature gentleman bull, with a great smile that laughs out loud. I love nature, music, dancing and flirting with that great lady. I seek the One I would protect, care for and love in an amazing way. I work hard, play hard and love to travel, create great adventures and fun. I have been called the bad boy that became a very good man. I live life with great purpose. I believe that a real man should penetrate the world in same way he penetrates his lover; not merely for personal gain or pleasure, but to magnify love, openness and depth.

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47, female, Single

Eastling, United Kingdom

How does one sell oneself without coming across as arrogant or self-deprecating? I guess I am relatively normal with the odd foible and idiosyncratic tendency. I work way too hard and love my job about 60% of the time; I am a teacher so job satisfaction is often reliant on a combination of things. It takes up a great deal of time and I have now decided the climbing the career ladder is not as important as spending time with those I love. Sadly, I still seem to spend way too much time working.I love skiing although I am not what you would describe as graceful probably because I am dyspraxic but I do try and make every effort to go once a year. In fact, I love travelling and though prefer a hotel over back packing and I am not overly keen on camping, I manage to go away at least twice a year (in addition to the skiing. I mean, seriously, who needs to eat?)I love to laugh. Not the superficial kind but belly clutching, tear inducing, hearty guffaws. Oh and cake. Mmm and coffee.I am not a big fan of text language, overuse of emoticons and the incorrect use of the apostrophe and the capital letter.As to my appearance? I asked a friend and she said I had a gorgeous smile, great legs and far too little confidence in myself! Overall, I guess that I am a genuine and caring individual who would like to meet someone like minded, generous and witty. I can be somewhat stubborn, so you will need to know when to put your foot down and when to simply shake your head and let me be. My brother says that that the man who can weasel past the independent outer shell and the rather amusing outlook on life, he will be the happiest man alive.

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41, male, Married

Lorong Pendita, Malaysia

I am a simple guy , a company executive , always busy for work , I liKe go for traveling but always enjoy alone, hope to someone can always travelling with me . So that maybe I need a new exciting life hope someone can guide me to,is that u ?

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38, female, Single

Brodnax, United States

my names are taylor rachael, i am 28 years old and i work as a mid-wifery nurse, am a very decent girl in nature and am humble.

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68, male, Widowed

Copperopolis, United States

I am a God fearing, affectionate, outgoing, active, energetic ,positive, generous man with a healthy sense of humor who is rediscovering all that life has to offer .I am a Fun loving, humble man with the believe that a woman should be treated like a lady and that it is always ladies first. I am a Fund Manager that loves my work the way I love to enjoy life. I am fun to be with and can be very romantic. I am positive on everything that life brings me. I believe that I am where I am at this point in my life for a good reason. I am an honest and caring person who is very loyal to those I care about. I've traveled extensively in the course of doing my work. I am financially very okay. I consider myself to be a gentleman with good values. I am equally comfortable in a suit and tie as well as a pair of jeans. I am neat and clean in my living and my appearance. I enjoy nice things. I like watching football, listening to cool music and watching movies

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