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52, female, Divorced

Fort Littleton, United States

I'm not into the bar scene, and I'm not one who lives (or visits) the gym. I like to have fun, travel, go to concerns/live music venues and enjoy life! All of those things are better with someone to enjoy them with, so that's why I'm here! Why a police dating site? I have always thought that teachers and police officers have a lot in common in terms of values and goals. I'm often touched by the compassion I see shown by officers who interact with my students, and who intervene in their troubled lives. I'm tired of trying to make things work with people who hold such opposing views, and who really find it hard to understand what it means to be dedicated to a career. I do need to mention that I do have one rather...non-traditional...hobby, but it does keep life interesting. What is it? Let's talk about it. :)

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42, male, Single

Bedlington, United Kingdom

hi am mark 30s from newcastle area UK and like going for meals, movies and willing try anything new

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46, female, Single

Bluehole, United States

It's very pleasant for me, that you've decided not just to look at my photos, but also to read what kind of person I am. I am a very positive, active and open-minded person, and in any situation I try to stay a woman! I prefer to look always elegant and feminine; a real woman I would say.I am a fun loving person. I am a very caring and sensitive person, I am a level headed, down to earth person who is totally devoted to the one I love. I tend to be shy at first, but I will open up quickly with the right person.I am confident, calm, and happy. An introvert by nature, I am quiet, structured, and organized. i think i'm a pretty easy going person. I love to be shown affection and don't have any problem whatsoever showing the right person lots of of it, i always say if its better to give than to receive. I think that i have a pretty "strange" sense of humor at times. i look at it this way i'd rather make a joke than to sit around and dwell on things i can't do much of anything about..I literally despise people who put on or lie about things and think they can get away with it where i'm concerned.I consider myself a sensitive, kind, and gentle person who enjoys being with people. I like going to the movies, listening to music, taking long walks on the beach.Favorite activities are going to the movies,taking walks the beach, being healthy. Most of all I love to be romantic for that special someone.

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42, female, Single

Raleigh, United States

I don't look for a perfect man as nobody is perfect. I am seeking my special one, my soulmate. My man is kind, honest, faithful, loves me as I am, re

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25, male, Single

Pondol, Philippines

I am confident in my abilities to produce and while I prepare for the worst, I do the work necessary

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